Get a Free Item as A Gift

How to Get a Free Item as A Gift?

To Get a Free Item as A Gift from Lunda Bazar Online, Please Read the Instructions Below.


  • If You Have Previously Ordered from Lunda Bazar Online Then You Can Avail Free Items as A Gift Opportunity.
  • You Just Have to Refer People to Lunda Bazar Online.
  • Once the Referred Person Places an Order on Lunda Bazar Online by Placing Your Name and Phone Number in The Reference Boxes in The Order Form, Your Name and Number Will Automatically Be Saved in The Database as A Referrer.
  • You Will Get a 5% Discount on Your Next Order Once the Referred Person's Order Has Been Confirmed.
  • This 5% Discount Will Keep Increasing as The References Keep Increasing.
    (1 Reference Order Confirmed = 5% Discount)
    (2 Reference Orders Confirmed = 10% Discount)
    (3 Reference Orders Confirmed = 15% Discount and So On)
  • You Will Get a Free Item Once You Have Enough Reference Orders for The Item to Be Free of Cost.